Holiness Within

Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord
(Hebrews 12:14, KJV)

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Church prayer lines are full of Christians who mean well and really do want to do what’s right. Some have never been taught how to make right choices or decisions, and many more have never been exposed to the ways of righteousness (being right with God).

Their heart’s cry is, “preacher I know scripture, but don’t know how to live it.”  Peace only comes by living Holy. Holy doesn’t mean perfect or without making mistakes, because only Jesus fulfilled that one. However, we can choose to make better “lifestyle choices.”


There are Christians who say they know God but live railing for railing, fist-to-fist, head-to-head,  full of pride and arrogance to keep from looking weak in front of others. Unfortunately some are still defiant to authority and play head games with other spouses, friends, and prey upon the weak.


I encourage everyone to let the glory of God that has started cleansing your soul shine fully. Be the one changing the spiritual environment in every place your feet touch. Sincerely cry out to the Lord for salvation for someone who has abused you (parent, ex-spouse, relative, or church worker).

Take a stand today to earnestly seek God and stop faking in front of man.

   If you’ve memorized scripture just to look intelligent before people, honestly, they can see straight through your fake personality.

 A deceptive heart speaks louder than anything that can come out of your mouth. Bend your heart and knees to the Holy One who created you and allow Him to flow through your vessel that He created. You are not your own, but have been bought with the very high price of Jesus’ blood.

Please take the following teaching to heart and wholeheartedly apply it, then share it with others.  Praise and bless God for His mercy endures forever!


Pathway to

Healing, Wholeness, Freedom, and Holiness


1.  Recognize: you must recognize what it is.

Recognize the problem—have discernment. In Isaiah 5:12, God said, My people have gone into captivity because they have no knowledge. They have no discernment. In Hosea 4:6, God said, My people perish for lack of knowledge. They had no discernment. Hebrew 5:14 tells us that strong meat belongs to those that are full aged, even those that by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. Not just good—you must be able to discern evil also.

Knowledge ties the past to the present, but wisdom takes the present and moves it to the future. You must take your past and bring it into the present so you can see what in the world is going on in your present state. Then God, through wisdom, can take you into the future to change your circumstances. It’s going to take faith and the work of the Holy Spirit to do the rest of it. You’re going to have to be taught first because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:7).

2.  Responsibility: you must take responsibility for what you recognize.

After you recognize, the Holy Spirit comes to convict you with discernment. Not everybody wants to take responsibility after discernment. It’s not scriptural to say “Well, bless God, that’s just the way I am.” What happened to the scriptures that say we, “are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit”; and “therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 3:16-18 and 5:17)?

“Well that’s for someone else. If God wants to change me, He’s just going to have to do it.” God couldn’t do it if He tried because you won’t let Him. “Bless God, I’m angry; I always have been angry. I am always going to be angry and if you don’t like it, forget you.” Are you going to lock yourself into, “Well, I’ll forgive them if they forgive me first’? Someone is going to have to get spiritual. Do you think the other person needs to get spiritual, or do you need to get spiritual first? Take responsibility.  

3.  Repent: repent to God for participating with what you recognize.

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19). Do you want times of refreshing? Are you tired of the blistering heat of a disease? Are you ready for an oasis? You won’t get there unless you repent. We are going to fall short, but God wants us to repent and go back to doing the first work, reconciling all men back to Him. He tells us in revelation 3:19 “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”

4.  Renounce: you must make what you recognize your enemy and renounce it.

A lot of people repent, but they do not mean it. They just want to be free of the current uncomfortable situation they are in. A lot of people have remorse, but they don’t change inside. They are only sad they did it because they got caught, but had they not been caught or exposed, they would have done it again. To repent means to “turn away from”. Get away from evil—renounce it as fast as you can. Develop a perfect hatred for evil in your life. Separate yourself from the evil. Love yourself, but hate the evil. Love your neighbor, but hate the evil he does. Learn to separate yourself and others from their sin.

5.  Remove: get rid of it once and for all.

In Ezekiel 18, God’s people were complaining that it was not fair for God to bless and forgive the unrighteous who repent yet not forgive them, the chosen ones. After all, they were the children of the covenant. They also continued to live in their sin. They were wondering why God did not bless them. God’s response to them was clear: Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? (Ezekiel 18:31) God wants sin out of your presence which will make your heart and spirit new.

6.  Resist: when it tries to come back, you must resist it.

James 4:7 says that we are to submit ourselves therefore to God, then resist the devil and he will flee from you. When you first surrender, commit and submit to God you will have power over your enemies (hatred, jealousy, addictions, broken hearts, or broken spirit). The word doesn’t say he might flee, but that he will flee. Remember in 1 Samuel 15:23 Samuel told Saul, “Obedience is better than sacrifice, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as idolatry.” Bet your idea of witchcraft is someone brewing potions, speaking riddles over people, burning candles, and sticking pins in dolls. But God’s definition of disobedience and stubbornness includes misbehavior, insubordination, defiance, riot, non-discipline, violation, contrary, headstrong, difficult to manage, hard, tough, and stiff. Ouch! This is a tough scripture. But what you have to deal with will try to come back. This is why we need God and each other.

7.  Rejoice: give thanks for being free.

Give God glory for your freedom. Give God thanks that a piece of dust like you could experience grace and mercy from a living God Who loves you. He is worthy of your praise.

8.  Restore: help someone else get free.

But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for prey, and none delivers; for a spoil, and none says, Restore (Isaiah 42:22) After you have received the blessings of God, this fruit of the gospel will compel you to reach out to others. Part of restoration is bringing the gospel to those you love and instructing sinners who are separated from the refreshing of the Lord and making them Disciples of Christ.

(Reference:  Wright, Henry W., A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, Chapter 5 The 8 Rs to Freedom, 1999.)

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